Solar Trader + Solar Cutter Partnership

Solar Cutters and Solar Trader announce their powerful Partnership


Solar Cutters and Solar Trader have announced their powerfull partnership. The partnership will see Solar Cutters Members receive a 10% discount on all Listing fees and ad promotions.

Who are Solar Cutters?

Welcome to the world of Solar Cutters, a visionary community founded by Kosta Bourandanis and Jack (Longy) Long. Solar Cutters are bound by quality, integrity, and unity principles. The collective is dedicated to empowering individuals with a spirited drive to catalyse change within the solar industry.

Solar Cutters firmly believe that healthy competition and an unwavering commitment to excellence and ethical practices are indispensable for the sustained prosperity of our solar domain.

An essential aspect of the Solar Cutters mission is the advocacy for top-notch solar systems achieved through self-regulation, fruitful collaboration, and the enlightenment of consumers as to why they should entrust their choices to a Solar Cutter.

Education, training, and many engaging community events, including illuminating installer roadshows, are at the core of our membership program. Through these initiatives, we engage with exemplary practices and ethical enterprises within the solar industry.


The 10 Commandments

Solar Cutters live by the following 10 Commandments.

  • Solar Cutters shall act with integrity, authenticity and honesty
  • Solar Cutters shall operate in an ethical and admirable manner
  • Solar Cutters shall offer best practice design and installation
  • Solar Cutters shall always uphold and abide by industry standards, guidelines and regulations
  • Solar Cutters shall always follow documented and proven safe work practices
  • Solar Cutters shall continue to support the consumer post installation
  • Solar Cutters shall promote stability and trust within the industry
  • Solar Cutters shall be at the forefront of new technologies and innovations
  • Solar Cutters shall work together to deliver “cutterspec” renewable energy solutions
  • Solar Cutters shall uphold and be advocates for quality within the industry

What is the partnership about?

The powerfull partnership between Solar Trader and Solar Cutters is about supporting the solar PV industry with a marketplace where second-hand solar panels, refurbished, obsolete and new solar PV parts & products can be sold and purchased. Solar Trader is committed to making it easy for buyers and sellers to find each other.

Solar Cutter members will receive a 10% discount on all listing fees and ad promotions to make selling such solar PV components cost-effective.

How can I take advantage of the 10% discount?

If you are already a Solar Cutter member, you can log in to your Solar Cutter’s member area, where you will find instructions on how to claim your 10% discount.

Suppose you are not already a Solar Cutter member. In that case, we encourage you to register your membership today and show your support for Kosta, Jack and many volunteers who comprise the Solar Cutters community.

If you would like to get in touch with the Solar Cutters team, you can do so here

What can I expect when I list my items on Solar Trader?

Listing your second-hand solar panels, inverters, or similar items on Solar Trader over other websites like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree will mean that your listing is displayed on a website, especially for solar PV industry professionals. With a detailed search function, potential buyers will find what they are looking for in a timely manner. Longer than usual listing periods of up to 90 days per submission will ensure maximum exposure of your listing.

Solar Trader is available in Australia and New Zealand. With 11 categories and a Wanted section, the website is quickly becoming the No. 1 Marketplace for second-hand, refurbished, obsolete and new solar PV and related products.

Please follow this link to register your free Solar Trader account and receive two free listings.


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